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Success through Strategic Training Solutions


One to One

The blend of corporate experience adds value to all her coaching sessions. Sessions are designed to build resilience and improve personal effectiveness leading to inner transformation on

Customised programs to transform you and maximise your potential. Transformational coaching approach to train managers and leaders

Free Test & 45 mins Career Coaching Session


Our training on active listening, building rapport and networking, storytelling, change management to name a few aims to create and empower such leaders who can lead with influence.

Trainings curated as per client needs

Full Day & Half Day Sessions Available


The parenting workshops designed to bridge this gap between the parents and their children. The sessions help to understand the finer nuances of the relationships and make them deeper and more meaningful. Effective Parenting tips and workshops are undertaken to equip the parents with the right tools to enjoy this parenting process and raise children who are internally happy and externally successful.

This has been a passion driven journey.

Her life skills workshops with students cater to critical thinking, logical reasoning, emotional and social skills and her parent workshops empower the parents equip with skills that allow them to learn the joy of parenting and strengthen their bond with their child. Given my prior corporate experience, my trainings are infused with real world scenarios creating Leaders who prioritize emotional intelligence in their teams to experience higher productivity and employee engagement.

Doing the right thing at the right time is what defines success!!”    A leader isn’t just about knowing all the answers it’s about understanding people and building meaningful connections. Emotional quotient outruns intelligent quotient in the long run. If you want to accomplish more be a source of energy and light for others.

Full Day & Half Day Sessions Available


Being a Myers and Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner, she has used various psychometric tests to guide students as well as executives looking at mid-career planning.

Being part of the edtech industry, she realized the challenges that parents and students have to navigate through with subject selection, course selection among various other social and emotional needs. She guides and coaches the students using psychometric testing as a scientific tool for providing solutions on the basis of student’s personality, interest and ability.

It provides solutions to many psychological issues faced by children and adolescents leading them to go astray in the most crucial years of their lives. The decision to choose subjects and career path which would affect the next 40 years of their lives is sometimes taken in 40 minutes!!

The adolescent issues of hormonal changes, peer pressure adds to this difficult phase. With use of psychometric testing and counselling tools we enable the students to choose the best suited subject and thereafter the career road map. Personality, Aptitude and interests are the key factors for this process. It is widely used for Mid-career planning as well.

Life coaching