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People development and training organisation aimed at providing solutions to develop people. A skill development centre where people improve their decision making abilities and overall productivity. Learn how to master your mind and emotion to live a better life and grow into a leader.

We provide several training programs to help organisations develop their employees learn and acquire new skills required to progress in their careers and grow into effective leaders. Programs offered for educational institutions as well as organisational development.

Our training methodology assures transformation and change for you.

Training and development offers various advantages for an organisation’s growth as well the professional development

Increased productivity

It helps to improve the productivity and efficiency

Reduced micromanagement

If workers feel empowered to perform a task, they typically require less oversight and work more independently

Train future leaders

Organizations must create a base of well-trained and innovative potential leaders to grow and adapt over time

Increased job satisfaction and retention

Training allows the employees to gain confidence in their abilities, leading to greater job satisfaction, a reduction in absenteeism and overall employee retention

Attract highly skilled employees

Top recruits are attracted to firms with an identifiable career path based on consistent training and development

Increased consistency

Well-organized training ensures tasks are performed uniformly, resulting in tight quality control that end users can trust

Increased camaraderie

Training and development helps create a sense of teamwork, harmony and collaboration

There is a shift in the industry landscape and the traditional hiring and training are no longer as effective, that different strategies and tactics can have a strong impact on closing the skills gap. Training and development today requires

  1. Making it personal: Tailor career, skills and learning development experiences uniquely to your employees’ goals and interests.
  2. Improve transparency: Place skills at the center of the training strategy and aim for deep visibility into the skills position across the organization.
  3. Remain ahead to take advantage of the latest advancements


At Mindmines we believe a successful life begins with the right choices made with self awareness, removing self limiting beliefs and living a stress free life with calmness and clarity of goals.

Coaching sessions : Feel empowered and resourceful by integrating strategic mindfulness principles, frameworks and techniques.

Contact us to know how you can develop your people skills and capability. We will ask relevant questions about your goals and expected outcomes and curate programs accordingly.

Namrata Chawla

Multi-faceted professional having more than 2 decades of combined experience in Education & Student Counseling as well as Entrepreneurial roles. Dynamic and results-driven Trainer & Life Coach Head with a relentless commitment to unlocking human potential and driving transformative change. With over 9 years of experience in the fields of training, leadership, and self-empowerment, I have honed a unique ability to ignite the spark within individuals and teams, propelling them towards exceptional success.


Effective communicator with a track record of anticipating needs implementing programs evaluating results and using outcomes to plan for further improvement. Successfully mentors’ members of cross-functional teams providing exceptionally high level of support toward goal achievement.


Qualified MBTI Practitioner | Certified Professional Coach in Transformative Coaching from Coach Masters Academy | Certified Trainer for National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) | Green Belt Certified Career Counsellor (GCC) from University of California and LA | Certified soft skills trainer from ICBI

Industry expert

Excelled in developing business strategies, allocating resources, hiring & managing staff, maintaining business accounts, developing & implementing marketing plans & ensuring high quality customer service in various industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Apparel and Legal Consultancy

She believes leaders have to focus on two aspects.

  • The first aspect is the technical or functional dimension of being a manager and ensuring that the organizational wheels are moving in an aligned and consistent manner
  • The second aspect is to build the human skills required to motivate, influence and inspire people. The one true responsibility of a leader is to enable others to grow and develop to their highest potential

Her trainings are based on creating leaders and building resilience while focus on effective communication.

Management is the ability to get results, meet targets, set performance standards, build systems and define processes; these are all about managing the organization and its people. Leadership is all about enhancing and enabling people to develop to their fullest potential by developing their abilities and empowering them to become their best versions That involves actions such as building rapport and developing relationships. It requires the leader to build an understanding of personalities, values, and beliefs of their teams and stakeholders. It demands that a leader listen to people and unearth perspectives, concerns, ideas and feelings and build consensus, alignment and collaboration.

Comprehensive Career Profiling

It helps in aligning career clusters with students’ aptitude, personality, interests, and long-term work-life goals. Our aim is to help individuals overcome not just career dilemmas, but a range of obstacles that can significantly impact productivity. These obstacles may include self-esteem challenges, vulnerability to stress, and difficulties in coping — common issues experienced by most of us at various points in our lives.

For Students

Our services encompass career counseling and in-depth psychometric testing, aimed at revealing the inherent potential within every student. We address the needs of students starting from grade 8 and extending to any age where clarity and guidance are sought. Our expertise covers a spectrum of necessities, from guiding stream selection to assisting in choosing the ideal course that aligns with one’s dreams and passions.

Undoubtedly, emphasizing the significance of charting the right career roadmap for a fulfilling and meaningful life is a cornerstone of our approach for every student we serve.

psychometric testing

Systematic method of assessing mental abilities, personality, and behavioural style to gain valuable insights for various life aspects

Mid Career Planning

In the realm of mid-career planning, the landscape of career options is undergoing a significant transformation, demanding a different set of skills to prepare for future roles. We have successfully assisted numerous students and young professionals in recognizing their inherent abilities and strengths, steering them towards careers that are more personally fulfilling and aligned with their aspirations.

In today’s dynamic environment, choosing the right career path from the multitude of opportunities available can be both challenging and exciting. It demands not only careful consideration but also the right knowledge to make well-informed decisions at every juncture of your career journey. This is precisely where Raw Minds excels — in providing the guidance and insights you need to navigate this journey successfully.

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