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mind mines

People development and training organisation aimed at providing solutions to develop people. A skill development centre where people improve their decision making abilities and overall productivity. Learn how to master your mind and emotion to live a better life and grow into a leader.

We provide several training programs to help organisations develop their employees learn and acquire new skills required to progress in their careers and grow into effective leaders. Programs offered for educational institutions as well as organisational development.

Our training methodology assures transformation and change for you.

Training and development offers various advantages for an organisation’s growth as well the professional development

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Namrata Chawla

A trainer, facilitator and ICF trained coach, working in the area of soft skills and behavioural interventions with over 12 years of experience of managing startups. She specialize in cultivating resilient mindsets, fostering peak performance, and facilitating profound personal growth. Through my strategic guidance, I’ve guided countless
corporate clients & individuals in conquering their limitations, surpassing their goals, and reaching unparalleled heights in both their personal and professional lives.

A strong communicator who recognizes communication at the heart of building resilience and creating meaningful relationships at the work place. Her trainings are based on creating leaders and building resilience while focus on effective communication.

Psychometric Testing

These are a set of standardized, structured exercises designed to measure an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral style. These assessments are carefully constructed to ensure objectivity, consistency, and reliability. These are the Five crucial factors while making the decision. It provides solutions to many psychological issues faced by children and adolescents

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Interview with
BrilliantRead Media

Excited to share my interview with the BrilliantRead Media. Another reason to smile and celebrate today.

We discussed about my background, journey, challenges, some important lessons learnt during my journey. We also discussed on some of the keys to the success, some advice for the young students and professionals for the successful career.  

True sign of intelligence
is not knowledge but imagination